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Accounting and Finance

Accounting and Finance


Kinetek specializes in the implementation and configuration of the project based ERP systems, like Deltek® Costpoint. Our services staff has come from backgrounds that provide in-depth knowledge of Project Accounting, expertise with configuration and implementation, and thorough knowledge of the Costpoint table structures. With over 100 years of ERP experience with systems such as Deltek® Costpoint, we can configure your system to maximize your standard business operations and meet your company’s most complex contract requirements.

ERP systems, like Costpoint, offer a wide array of modules. When correctly and thoughtfully configured to your Company’s business processes, it is your company’s most powerful tool to meet the most stringent business and contracting requirements.  Our methodology focuses on providing simple use for standard business operations to unleashing the system’s full potential and realizing operational efficiencies while driving down costs and securing your most valuable assets along the way.

Kinetek’s approach is designed to eliminate risks by identifying all issues before they become problems. Our combination of needs analysis, testing, and training ensures that knowledge is transferred in a manner that is concise and easy to understand. By adhering to this methodology, we are able to empower our customers with the knowledge that not only enables them to operate the system but, over time, allows our customers to troubleshoot efficiently and develop their own solutions to new issues based on modifications to existing configurations.  This methodology reflects our most basic core belief: that the customers should be empowered to make and implement their own decisions.  Our role is finite, and we do everything in our power to ensure that we become an obsolete resource in terms of system operation.

At Kinetek, we know that our progressive process, with a focus on “perfect practice” and risk mitigation, provides your organization with the power to succeed.

Kinetek’s approach will assist your company in areas such as:

  • Projects and Pools - The cornerstone of Costpoint is Projects and Pools. Our expertise in Costpoint configuration and industry experience provides an unparalleled setup of the Project module and all modules that utilize projects and allocation/application of multi-tiered pools.
  • Revenue and Billings rely on the successful setup of projects and input of the transactions. We have successfully set up systems that compute just about every variation of revenue and billings, which include Cost Plus Fixed Fee(CPFF), CPAF, CPIF, Fixed Price (including EAC, ETC, and Progress Payments), Time and Materials, Unit-based, or delivery based schedules.
  • Reporting: We maximize standard reports and inquiries, and we will work with your company to develop a number of key reports using either IBM Cognos® or Hyperion® products to provide better use of your data to management and users and to assist with reconciliations.

Addtional Sources:
Kinetek Rate Management 

To find out more about the types of services we offer and how we can help your organization reach the next level, contact us today.

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