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Material Management

Material Management


Through Kinetek's combined experience as former consultants, managers, and directors of Deltek®, we are pleased to offer consulting services to help your material organization a collaborative solution that streamlines and empowers your business from sales order to customer delivery.  Combining our materials offering with our accounting and finance practice, we can offer solutions that offer organizations the optimal and transparent solution to run your operation from order to cash.  Add our knowledge of business intelligence, forecasting and planning, and score-carding, and our customers enjoy a full end-to-end solution to manufacture products, maximize profits, and plan for the future.

Our focus with manufacturing starts with the product: a sound bill of materials and the operational routines to manufacture the product gives you the best chance to succeed.  Your organization knows your business, and Kinetek's role is to translate that into quantifiable components that can be planned and managed throughout the product manufacturing lifecycle.  Our staff is experienced in not only implementing manufacturing systems, but they have also been responsible for planning and operating manufacturing operations.  Procurement, receiving, stocking, and issues are just a part of our focus.

In addition, our materials team works closely with our finance and accounting team to ensure that every piece of inventory is properly tracked and costed from raw materials to finished goods.  And when the job is done, you are assured of proper delivery, proper billing, and proper revenue recognition; and most importantly, your inventory levels are maintained so that you have a continuous and repeatable process moving forward.

Along the way, our materials team works closely with our data management and business intelligence teams to ensure that the solution is properly configured to ensure no operational interruption to your valuable business.

Our consulting capabilities for Deltek® Costpoint are diverse, with experts in materials management, accounting and finance, project costing and revenue recognition, and business intelligence designed specifically for this product. Our background is unparalleled, with each of our partners achieving the highest levels of consulting in his or her particular area.

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John Arhancet
Debbie White

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