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Costpoint GovCon Cloud (GCC)

Costpoint GovCon Cloud (GCC)

Deltek’s Lastest Cloud Offering

Last year Deltek announced, that they can now support your organization in meeting the latest compliance requirements with their new Costpoint GovCon Cloud (GCC) Moderate solution. GCC introduced enhanced cybersecurity controls for Costpoint, to help government contractors protect their data and meet strict federal compliance requirements. (CDI, iTAR, FedRAMP, and more.)

In an effort to support the industry’s increasing cybersecurity and compliance demands, Costpoint GCC Moderate allows government contractors to safely store Covered Defense Information (CDI) and ITAR data in the Deltek Costpoint Cloud. This enhancement eliminates the need and the cost for on-premise equipment and support. Deltek has implemented new controls to align with NIST standards, including 800-53 and CSNI 1253 – in addition to, FedRAMP Moderate equivalent controls, which go beyond the existing NIST 800-171 controls to support Controlled Unclassified Information (CUI) within the Costpoint cloud.

Support & Migration Services

As the technology and security needs of the market change, it is important that government contractors and project-based businesses remain agile in order to respond to the constant evolution of standards and requirements. We understand that it can be challenging and costly to keep pace with shifting compliance demands. Costpoint GCC Moderate is an important investment and can be added to your ground-to-cloud conversion.

Having a partner that understands the government contracting market and the unique needs of the companies that work within it is vital to ensuring your Costpoint cloud conversion is successful. By leveraging our Costpoint GCC Moderate conversion services, contractors can migrate to a cloud environment with increased confidence and peace of mind knowing that their conversion will meet today’s security standards and tomorrow's compliance requirements. 

Discover the benefits of Costpoint GovCon Cloud (GCC)

  • GCC introduces enhanced cybersecurity controls for Costpoint
  • Safely store your data in the Costpoint cloud, including CDI & ITAR
  • Eliminate the need and cost for on-premise equipment and IT support
  • Meet the latest (and future) strict federal compliance requirements

The Bottom Line

Schedule a meeting today with our ground-to-cloud support team. Let us find the best way to help you move to the cloud, protect your data, and remain compliant whilst embracing the latest Costpoint cloud offerings.



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