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Kinetek4Cast is purpose-built to seamlessly integrate with all Deltek systems, regarded as the market standard for government contractors. Easily leverage your key data from Deltek Costpoint, including actual costs, revenue, indirect rate applications, employee attributes, and project attributes. 

Master All Projects 

Government contractors need to budget accurately for every current and potential project. Kinetek4Cast lets your staff handle both direct and indirect projects smoothly with these capabilities:

  • Budget costs by employee, subcontractor, and/or account group at a project level you define
  • Leverage Deltek’s Costpoint pool setup to apply indirect rates and compute forward pricing rates
  • Leverage PLCs or other billing rates from Deltek Costpoint to calculate T&M revenue
  • Budget for new and existing work
  • Apply win probability to new work to factor costs and revenue;
  • Budget funding and contract value for use in calculating backlog
  • Calculate revenue based on cost buildup and the standard project revenue formulas (T&M, CPFF, Fixed Price) 

Indirect project specialists can work efficiently with these Kinetek4Cast capabilities:

  • Budget costs by employee, subcontractor, and/or account at a or organizational level you define
  • Leverage Deltek's Costpoint pool setup to apply indirect rates to costs using target, actual, and/or provisional rates
  • Budget for new and existing projects
  • Budget fringe costs and manage benefit plans

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Fast Implementation: Complete Information without Delay

Lengthy implementations are an impractical luxury for most federal contractors. Kinetek4Cast is implemented quickly, saving you time and unnecessary expenses. Give your key decision-makers the consistent, complete information they need to unmask opportunities, maintain strategic focus, and win contracts.

Built into your Kinetek4Cast performance management solution is our team's cumulative 100-years experience helping companies do business with the federal government. Our expertise means you can count on rapid deployment and solid guidance on best practices.

In the current tough business environment you deal with on a daily basis, Kinetek4Cast - backed by the knowledge of Kinetek Consulting - offers a long-term solution to help protect and build profitability.

Make your business more efficient and quick to respond to issues and opportunities with Kinetek4Cast - Planning designed with Government Contractors in mind.™

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