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The key element in developing a strategic focus is to embrace performance management. It will allow you to take what you know today, create a plan for tomorrow, and then track and manage how well you are executing against that plan. This sounds simple, but often can be difficult when you are working with disparate data sources and spreadsheets. Decentralized systems and spreadsheets besides being error-prone and time-consuming, lead your business down the path of less timely decision-making - crucially impacting your survival and success.

Kinetek Performance Management helps address and embrace the ever-changing landscape of data, built for those who need uncompromising security features, and ease of use that makes user adoption-friendly and effortless. KPM© removes the burden of building your own report catalog, maintaining data models, and bridges the gap between IT and stakeholders. All Deltek Costpoint modules are represented in a robust report catalog, updated to the latest release, and tested to ensure the highest quality reporting standards in the industry.

KPM provides you with analytics at your fingertips and takes the effort out of data-driven discovery. Spend more time performing meaningful analysis for better strategic business decisions.

Solution Details

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Key Features:

  • Dashboards created in Cognos Analytics (v11.1)
  • Works with all Deltek Costpoint modules
  • Use of custom classes for quick and consistent formatting changes across the entire catalog, without having to modify each object
  • Interactive Viewer for responsive and accurate data manipulation
  • Templates for rapid report development with a consistent look and feel
  • Robust set of packages for any future needs
  • Developed employing industry best practices
  • Clean and elegant user interface

Check out some specific examples of how Kinetek Performance Management has helped other businesses


AAR Corp. wanted to integrate its performance management and eliminate manual efforts for information consolidation, actual expenditure updates, and master data changes.

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Kinetek Performance Management was 'Designed with Government Contractors in Mind'™ - KPM© seamlessly integrates with Deltek Costpoint© to allow your company to effectively leverage your data to achieve the greatest outcome possible. Contact our team to learn more about KPM© today!

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