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Kinetek Rate Management (KRM) is Kinetek’s answer to a long-standing problem: predicting forward pricing rates using baseline budgeting, actual costs, and scenario - ­based modeling.

KRM was designed to answer these questions, and much more. It is designed to work behind the scenes, in conjunction with IBM's planning analytics solution (TM1), a powerful planning solution from IBM’s Cognos product family, to provide these answers quickly, and then, if approved, apply changes back to budget and forecasting models to analyze the revenue impact and set your baseline for the annual budget. 

In addition, KRM can be utilized as the source for your forecasted rates, providing information on the cost composition and basis for your pools utilizing information from planning analytics to give you up-­‐to-­‐date rate analysis as the year progresses. If you notice material changes in your rates, you can, at your choosing, update the forecast rates in TM1 to reflect these material changes and manage your business accordingly. 

And at the end of the year, when all of your forecasts have been updated to actual costs, you can utilize KRM to facilitate your incurred cost submissions. All of your data is in one place, with familiar reporting features from IBM Cognos to analyze your information. 

A Java-based application designed to calculate scenario-based forward pricing and rate analysis for Government Contractors allows for allocations across Costpoint companies and optionally provides burden analysis at the employee level.


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  • Configure allocations based on four-part criteria.
  • Allocate across legal entities and currencies.
  • Scenario-based analysis.
  • Cost impact down to the project and employee level (based on configuration).
  • Data agnostic.


  • Forward pricing and rate submission.
  • Detail support for changes to allocation methodology, including cost impact by project.

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