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IBM Cognos Analytics

Course Description
Designed to deliver, our two-day (16 hours) Introduction to IBM Cognos Analytics course is intended for core project team members wanting to acquire a broad understanding of the IBM Cognos Analytics platform. During the ILT segments, participants will perform hands-on demonstrations and exercises that cover three essential topic areas: introduction, creation, and administration of IBM Cognos Analytics.

Recommended Audience
Multi-role (consumers, business authors, professional authors, developers, administrators, modelers, project managers)

• An understanding of your organization’s business intelligence process and reporting needs
• Experience using basic Windows functionality

High-level Curriculum Overview

  1. Introduction to IBM Cognos Analytics
    Describe IBM Cognos Analytics
    Describe IBM Cognos Analytics components
    Describe IBM Cognos architecture at a high level
    Review IBM Cognos security
  2. Review content in IBM Cognos Analytics
    Use published reports
    Drill through to related data
    Specify run report options
    Specify properties of an entry
    Alerts and Watch Items
  3. Creating reports in IBM Cognos Analytics
    Overview of reporting and report authoring
    Identify package types, uploaded files, and data modules available for reporting
    Examine IBM Cognos Analytics - Reporting
    Examine the interface
    Explore different report types
    Create a simple, sorted, and formatted report
    Create a report view
    Create a subscription
    Create an Active Report
    Import and report on personal data
  4. Building dashboards in IBM Cognos Analytics
    Describe IBM Cognos Dashboarding
    Identify the IBM Cognos Dashboarding user interface
    Add report content and tools to create dashboards
    Widget-to-widget communication
    Filter data in the dashboard
    Sort, group and ungroup, and calculate data
  5. Modeling metadata in IBM Cognos Analytics
    Define IBM Cognos Framework Manager and its purpose
    Describe the IBM Cognos Framework Manager environment
    Describe IBM Cognos Cube Designer
    Get high-level content from Dynamic Cubes course and/or FM course
    Web-based Modeling
    Create Data Modules
  6. Extending IBM Cognos Analytics
    Introduction to IBM Cognos Mobile
    Key features
    Examine Cognos Mobile architecture
    Identify supported products
    Introduction to IBM Cognos BI for Microsoft Office
    Describe Cognos Analysis for Excel (CAFÉ)
  7. Overview of IBM Cognos BI Administration
    IBM Cognos Analytics enterprise components
    Role of the Administrator
    Administration workflow process
  8. Comparing IBM Cognos Analytics v/s IBM Cognos BI (Optional)
    New features in IBM Cognos Analytics
    Changes from IBM Cognos BI to IBM Cognos Analytics
    Legacy option
    Examine Event Studio
    Examine the role of Event Studio in Performance Management
    List the benefits of Event Studio
    Examine Metric Studio
    Identify scorecards, metrics, and metric types
    Organize metrics with strategies
    Track initiatives with projects 


  • This curriculum is based on the most recent version of IBM Cognos Analytics
  • All our instructors are IBM Cognos Analytics certified (In addition, they have over 20+ years of real-world and hands-on experience using and implementing the software.)
  • Kinetek Consulting can create a more valuable, tailored experience to work for any customer’s environment, by functional area, and/or data source(s), including, but not limited to the ILT tutorials and exercises
  • Our training manuals are aimed at self-study
  • Attendees earn 16 CPE credits upon completion
  • All courses are taught at our training facility in Reston, Virginia.


Register now or if you would like to request a customized or onsite delivery of this course for your organization, contact us.

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