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June 15, 2020

11th Annual Deltek Government Contracting Industry Study (Clarity) Highlights

by Colin Quinn

Do you know the trends that are currently shaping the Government Contracting space in 2020 and beyond? No worries, every year Deltek surveys industry leaders within the government contracting space, asking for a review of their business performance, goals, and challenges from the previous year. Next, Deltek reviews all the data collected and creates a comprehensive report. The Clarity report is the ultimate tool for firms to benchmark themselves against their competitors and peers as they identify key metrics to consider as they plan and forecast for the next year.

Deltek Clarity 2020

Before we dip into this year’s results let’s take a minute to review 2019. Last year’s Deltek Clarity Government Contracting Industry Report told a story of continued growth and optimism throughout the Government Contracting market. 

This year, however, delivered an unforeseen set of circumstances that impacted the entire economy of the United States and the world. After the Clarity survey concluded in March, the COVID-19 Pandemic began to affect all of us and the focus for many businesses had to pivot, with the repercussions still fresh and continually being felt even today. 

Clarity benchmarks have been a cornerstone in the strategic planning process for government contractors for more than a decade; which is why even more careful consideration was applied to this year’s metrics to ensure companies have the best possible data to create their road to recovery as we adjust to the next “new normal” in 2020 and beyond. 

Let's take a moment to highlight the key insights of the 2020 Deltek Clarity report:

  1. Workforce management requires new thinking about recruiting, retention, compensation, training, and generational changeover.

  2. Information technology and data security is a key focus, along with satisfying government system security and regulatory requirements.

  3. Compliance with ever-increasing regulation is still a burden that cannot be ignored.

  4. Diversification is a key focus in both product set and customer type.

  5. Even though companies have more data than ever, how to use it to effectively is still a challenge... and more important than ever.

Don’t let your business be impacted by the current business climate - We are here to help you on your road to recovery. Our industry experts are here to help you adjust to the next “new normal”, we can configure your system to maximize your standard business operations and meet your company’s most complex contract requirements.

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