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October 15, 2019

5 things to know (and do) before you get to Deltek Insight 2019

by Colin Quinn

Deltek Insight 2019 Attendee

When was the last time you attended a workshop, conference, or symposium in your current field? All offer an opportunity to gain a competitive edge, by continuing your ongoing learning and professional development, but attending a conference like Deltek Insight provides you with the unique opportunity to learn new information, gain additional knowledge, and make invaluable contacts.

Yet, attending a conference can be a costly and time-consuming experience. If you are planning on taking a day or more out of the office to attend Deltek Insight, a bit of preparation will ensure that investment pays real dividends for your personal growth and development. Here are 5 things to know (and do) before you go:

1. WHY

It is important to understand ‘Why’ you want to attend Deltek Insight. Ask yourself these three basic questions:

1. Am I trying to learn something new?

Insight offers various program tracks – Discover the track that best fits your interests whether it is Costpoint, GovWin, Vision, etc. and create your own unique experience.

INSIDER TIP: Here are a few sessions to get you started:

CP-111 - Optimizing Costpoint Materials and Manufacturing To Meet Your Needs

CP-123 - Utilize Costpoint’s powerful Project capabilities; simplify with Preprocessors

CP-125 - Why your Project needs a Project Manager

2. How do I meet people who can benefit my career?

There are networking opportunities around every corner from the welcome center, expo hall, to private events. Take the time to meet and mingle with fellow Deltek users and subject matter experts.

INSIDER TIP: Check us out at Booth 3 and chat it up with our Costpoint experts.

3. Am I attending because I have to go?

Yikes, we sure hope not, but even if your boss is making you attend; make the most of the conference by expanding your knowledge, network, and skills.

INSIDER TIP: Take the time to learn something new you can apply when you get back to the workplace.


INSIDER TIP: Before you go download the Deltek Insight app – See what companies are attending, plan which sessions you want to attend, and which expo hall booths you want to visit!

The Deltek Insight App is your key to unlocking all the conference has to offer – It will aid you in all aspects from creating and building your agenda, interacting with fellow attendees, and even navigating the Gaylord hotel. As you meet new people, you can connect with them via the App, and keep your conversations going. It is also the fastest and easiest way to lookup sessions and meeting rooms.

The app will be your best asset and secret weapon to help you gain the most from attending Deltek Insight.

3. AT

INSIDER TIP: It’s likely you will miss out on something you were interested in attending, but you can always reach out to the track managers to receive a copy of the slide deck from that session – it may make your planning process easier to know you can catch up on the less relevant content later.

Like most conferences, Insight is a mix of keynote events and breakout sessions that will require you to choose between various topics and tracks. Go through the agenda and session list and take note of the activities that correspond closely to your interests – sometimes this will be content-based, but it could also be based upon on a connection you have with the speaker.

Lastly, consider attending a few sessions outside your wheelhouse, it can be a bit of a gamble, but you may stumble across something new that you can apply to your current role.


INSIDER TIP: During the conference set goals for yourself, company, and team.

While at Insight you should set a list of goals for yourself, company, and team – this will allow you to track the value gained from attending the conference. Your goals should include:

  1. Things you want to learn
  2. Issues you want to resolve
  3. People you want to meet and network with
  4. Expert advice you want to take home
  5. Connecting with companies you want to do business with

Never underestimate the power of goal setting – It will help you better enjoy the conference and allow you to justify the cost and time you spent at the conference. Plus, your boss will love it when you return and share your goals!


INSIDER TIP: Lastly, enjoy yourself! Dress in your Music Festival Best and upload your photo to the Deltek Insight mobile app to be entered into the costume drawing for a $500 cash prize.

Celebrate Insight CityWalk Orlando Florida

Go to Celebrate Insight! This year’s event “Deltek Music Festival” will be held on Wednesday, November 20th at Universal CityWalk in downtown Orlando. Don’t miss an unforgettable evening that will include an eclectic mix of music performances in SEVEN different venues. From rock to reggae, and everything in between, there will be something for everyone to enjoy at this exclusive Insight event.

Final Thoughts

Insight is a multi-day conference, you’re likely to get burned out. If a session isn’t for you, take a break. It’s important to know and be true to your own limits. You’re at the conference to learn, connect, and grow but don’t be afraid to have fun with peers and friends (old and new.)

Don’t feel obligated to talk shop all the time – ask people general questions about their lives as well and share information about yourself. Connect on levels deeper than work.

Just remember to do everything in moderation – at the end of the day, you’re still representing yourself and your company as a professional.

If you missed this fantastic opportunity to further your career and learn something new all while having a blast, have no fear you will get another chance. See you at Insight!


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