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March 5, 2014

Benefits of Mobile Business Intelligence (BI)

by Colin Quinn

Mobile Business Intelligence is a growing trend, expected to continually increase into 2014. The number of personnel with access to Mobile BI has steadily increased and has changed the way we use information, and make decisions. BI and analytics have become less of an IT based report and more of an information decision tool for end users.

So, we know that interest and adoption of Mobile BI is growing rapidly. But what are the benefits?!

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Real-time Information from mobile devices has many significant benefits, including:
  • Improved knowledge, sharing, support, and organizational alignmentMobile_BI
  • Increased productivity and efficiency by reducing time to key decision makers
  • The ability to make better-informed decisions
  • Increased edge to out maneuver and preform competitors
  • The ability to mitigate and lower risks
  • Increased customer satisfaction through timely, accurate, and informed decision-making

All right – you’ve got us. Many of these benefits can also be gain from implementing a standard BI solution. So what are the most common benefits from a Mobile BI Implementation? The top three benefits of Mobile BI are...

1.     Competitive advantage

Organizations are looking to become more responsive and flexible to stay ahead of the competition. Access to real-time data increases the opportunities to capitalize and manage key opportunities in a timely manner, and respond to todays dynamically changing market conditions.

2.     Increased workforce productivity

With real-time access to your data, the potential to improve operational efficiencies are increased ten-fold. The ability to hasten the decision-making process, by extending critical information out to decision-makers faster, is the major benefit of Mobile BI. Delivery of the right data, at the right time, to the right decision makers can significantly improve productivity and overall performance.

3.     Increased profitability through customer satisfaction

Mobile BI will improve customer service and increase customer satisfaction by empowering your team to make faster and better-informed decisions.  Access to timely information, particularly for sales staff, will help deliver better and quicker results to customers, improving their experience and increasing their overall satisfaction.

Contact us today to learn how we can help you, lower risks, access key real-time information, and make better informed decisions with Mobile Business Intelligence. 

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