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July 27, 2017

Dashboards: Unifying Business

by Julia Nixon

To be successful, a business must be unified. Employers and employees must work toward a common goal, and they must believe that their individual work contributes positively to the business as a whole. Unfortunately, it can be challenging for employees to feel that their contributions matter. In large businesses, an employee may think he or she is simply a number—one among many—without the ability to make an impact.

Business Intelligence Dashboards prove to both employers and employees that every little contribution and every new input of data affects a business.

Dashboards cultivate an atmosphere of unity and productivity by displaying metrics and key performance indicators. This real-time data allows businesses to make informed decisions that come from facts—not from intuition.

Another important benefit about dashboards is that the data displayed can be as specified as desired. Some dashboards, such as the Kinetek CFO Dashboard, are centered on a certain department and highlight the most important areas on which the department should focus. The Kinetek CFO Dashboard is a role-based analytical dashboard that provides access to critical metrics, answers important business questions, and analyzes data from data sources such as Costpoint. Having department-specific goals and knowing that their work is being monitored will also lead employees to work more diligently. Dashboards may be tailored for a business in its entirety, as well.

Dashboards are also time savers—a major advantage since time is an invaluable asset in business. All the data is up-to-date and can be viewed remotely from multiple devices at once. No more down time will be wasted  on importing data manually.

On a dashboard, the data can be display visually, which makes it less abstract. Visuals allow viewers of the dashboard to see more easily any changes and patterns in the data.

The business world is in a constant state of evolution with new ideas and new technology—and thus more data. Business Intelligence Dashboards are the best way for executives to measure this information, become more informed, and unify their businesses.

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