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June 13, 2016

How Employee Software Training Can Help Your Company Meet Its Goals

by Colin Quinn

Successful organizations are always searching for more efficient and better ways to reach goals faster. If business development training isn’t number one on your list priorities for this year, then your company could be missing out on crucial business benefits.

Fact: Smarter employees make for more successful businesses. The importance of emerging technology, such as employee software training, lies in the fact that training impacts so many other important business goals:

  • Do you need a more productive workforce?
  • Do you need to align individual employee goals and team goals with overall business goals?
  • Do you need to ensure consistent, scalable skill sets across your company as it grows?

All of these business goals are connected and affected each time you hire a new employee. A team full of well-trained happy employees is an invaluable asset to any business. Organizations should take advantage of their own talent pool by providing employees with the necessary training to drive performance, productivity, and organizational goals.

Employee training that improves your workforce, even on an individual basis will help your company meet your goals by laying the foundation for overall business success.

How training software impacts organizational goals

Your workforce affects nearly all of your business goals, if your training processes are outdated then your goals will forever be unmet. Your workforce is the "heart" of your company: if it’s not functioning properly, the whole body is strained.

Here’s how the right software and employee training can benefit your business:


1. Improves on-boarding to reduce hiring costs

The average cost to find and hire one new employee is around $11k, so retention is a top priority among management. Reducing turnover rates starts at the very beginning of an employee’s journey: with the on-boarding process.

2. Provides feedback for ongoing development and improvement

Employee engagement and learning shouldn’t be relegated to the on-boarding phase. Fostering a culture of feedback is important since 79% of employees who quit their jobs list a lack of appreciation as the number one reason for leaving.

3. Aligns employee skills and goals with company goals

Companies that utilize software to track learning efforts and successes can make sure their skill development and training programs are relevant to the specific user roles and competencies the organization needs.

4. Automates processes for consistent, scalable results

Data generated by training modules is the most valuable tool for management. When planning future projects and goals, a centralized database will help businesses learn what training works best, not working at all, and adjust the training accordingly. Once employers know what training works best, it can be reproduced on a mass scale to ensure all employees receive consistent specific training that leads to organizational success.

Are these the kind of goals your business is striving to reach?

Successful employee training increases the bottom line - from on-boarding, to continued-education, to standardization and analytics. The benefits of reaching these business goals are too great to miss. The right employee software training will help keep your efforts focused and on-track. Contact us today to find out how to make your employee software training fit your organizational goals.

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