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November 15, 2017

How to Create a Basic Report in IBM Cognos Analytics

by Colin Quinn

IBM Cognos Report BasicsCreating a report

When you create a report, you are actually creating a report specification. The report specification defines the queries and prompts that are used to retrieve data and the layouts and styles used to present the data. For simplicity, the report specification is named by the same name as the report.

This post will cover the basics of creating, validating, and running IBM Cognos Analytics Reports. For additional tips and tricks on IBM Cognos Analytics report writing or to inquire about report studio training or custom reports for your company please contact us.

IBM Cognos Analytics Help

The Basics

  • On the home/portal page click the new icon New icon in the Cognos Analytics portal and then select "Report."
  • Now you will be on the "templates and themes" window.
  • Select the template tab and select a template.
  • Click the themes tab and select a theme.

Now its time to add your data

  • Click the Data icon Data icon.
  • Click the Add report data icon Add report data icon.
  • Open the packages that you want, or open a single data module.
  • If you opened multiple packages, to specify a package as the default package, right-click an item in the package and select Set default package.
  • To delete a package, right-click an item in the package and select Delete package.
  • To replace a package by another package, right-click an item in the package and select Replace package. If queries exist that use the package that you are replacing, model paths in the queries are updated to the new package.

Pro Tip - Inserting a single data item

Report Validation

  • Click the Pages icon Pages icon or the Queries icon Queries icon, right-click the Report icon Report overview icon, and click Validate Report validate report icon.
  • A message box appears indicating whether any errors were found in the report.

Running Report

  • Open a report.
  • Click the run report icon Run options icon
  • If you want to set run options, click the Run options icon Run options icon and click Show run options property.

For a more detailed and visual demo check out the video below:

How to Create a Report (Basic) in IBM Cognos Analytics

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