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January 2, 2015

Importance of Utilizing High Quality Performance Management Infrastructure Software

by Colin Quinn

Majority of today's CIOs and IT decision makers believe infrastructure performance management tools can help improve the efficiency of their IT department, reduce risks, and lower running costs associated with their IT departments. Yet, most CIO and IT managers feel dissatisfied with the current PMI tools they have in place and lack the technical capabilities to administer infrastructure performance management across their data centers.

Although most CIOs and IT managers understand the importance of infrastructure performance management (a combination of workload, network, compute and monitoring tools), there are still few companies with the resources in place to manage infrastructure performance issues.

But what if your infrastructure worked harder so your team didn’t have to?! Today, PMI infrastructure is more crucial than ever to a successful business, and entire companies are dedicated to making your performance management infrastructure systems as efficient and streamlined as possible.

End users expect instant access to their applications and data, putting greater pressure on the IT environment to support ever increasing and unpredictable workloads. Many IT decision makers are turning to data virtualization, cloud computing, and software-specific technologies to help them get most value out of their existing tools while improving agility.

CIOs and IT managers agree that a Performance Management Infrastructure solution could help improve their IT department’s performance in terms of meeting the needs of the business, increasing efficiency and reducing risks/costs.

Infrastructure Performance Management, the adoption of data virtualization, cloud, and now PMI technologies, along with the relentless growth of data, all contribute to the importance of having an end-to-end view of your data. Kinetek Performance Management combined with our Dashboard Software gives your IT team the ability to constantly capture, correlate and analyze system-wide performance, utilization and business health, in real-time.

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