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October 2, 2020

Learn How to Modernize Your Manufacturing Operations with Deltek Costpoint

by Colin Quinn

Manufacturing Day, held annually on the first Friday in October, is celebrated to 'spark' the imaginative curiosity of the next generation of manufacturers - by showcasing the reality of modern manufacturing. Together companies and leaders collaborate to educate and inspire the next generation of manufacturers by demonstrating the importance of modern manufacturing.

As a leading consulting and solution provider, Kinetek understands the importance of manufacturing; specifically manufacturing for the government. We help our clients stay up-to-date with the latest industry trends and technology as well as industry requirements; digitally transforming businesses and empowering project success through proven modernization techniques and consulting strategies.

Streamlining and enhancing processes, ensuring shop floor efficiency, accurately capturing costs, and material tracking are all critical to manufacturers. More government contractors look to Kinetek to improve their manufacturing processes, so let’s dive into some of the tools (and experts) we utilize to make it happen..

Integrated ERP

When looking at manufacturing systems, find an ERP that not only integrates manufacturing requirements and meets inventory needs but also connects to your core accounting system. This will allow you to not only modernize your business by automating all business operations, provide accurate, and real-time information, while eliminating the need for disparate systems, duplicate data entry, reduce errors, and help improve overall manufacturing efficiencies.

Register below and learn how to choose the right ERP for your project manufacturing business.

Manufacturing Execution System (MES)

At its core, Manufacturing Execution Systems (MES) is a system of information used in manufacturing to track, control, and monitor the transformation of raw materials to finished goods. 

Proper implementation of a Manufacturing Execution System (MES) increases your team's performance by providing the right information at the right time to the right people on how to optimize current conditions to improve production output.

Our team has continued its mission to successfully deliver ERP and Manufacturing solutions and has not only successfully implemented Costpoint, converted legacy systems, and implemented MES but additionally provided best-in-class consulting services to help users further enhance their investment.  

Today, Government Contractors have requirements that would benefit from the use of an MES to capture extensive data, previously unattainable through traditional manual methods. Thus an MES presents plenty of valuable modernization advantages for large manufacturing Government Contractors; we've listed the top six in a previous post.

Shop Floor Time

The shop floor is 'primed' for digital transformation. Manufacturing operations are still mostly paper-based, with aging legacy systems also still in use well past their shelf life. Adapting to new processes, manufacturing methods, or production requirements is difficult due to manual processes and siloed systems.

As a result, companies are modernizing manufacturing operations with automated solutions like web time clocks, mobile time entry, barcode readers, and biometric devices that can significantly improve agility and efficiency, while maintaining quality and compliance thus allowing for greater efficiency, accurate data reporting, with minimal workforce disruption. With a connected shop floor, facilities can support manufacturing and manufacturers gain real-time visibility for greater intelligence and smarter decision-making.

Measuring and tracking workforce costs such and time and labor, as well as employee performance, are critical when calculating project-related expenses. Shop Floor Time provides manufacturers automated, real-time views of labor costs while supporting labor compliance regulations. 

Manufacturing Made Easy

Want to learn more? Sign up and register below for the first session in our upcoming manufacturing webinar series:

Choosing the right ERP option for your Project Manufacturing business!


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Check out the digital library of Costpoint, MES, and Shop Floor Time webinars and discover how you can add value to your manufacturing process:

Costpoint Materials and Engineer to Order Manufacturing

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Whether you need ERP, MES, shop floor time, standard costing, or ITAR compliance assistance our team is here to help modernize and streamline your project manufacturing operations for better transparency of your manufacturing operations.

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