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May 14, 2018

The 5 BIG Benefits of IBM Cognos Analytics for Dashboards

by Colin Quinn

In today’s data-driven business environment you need the ability to recognize and seize opportunities in real-time. Your team's need to stay agile and focused - ready to rapidly engage and adjust your business strategies to reach your goals. To be successful, your teams need to be connected and have collaborative access to valuable corporate data, metrics, and information. The only way to get ALL the things you'll need is to design, build, and purchase a customized business intelligence (BI) dashboard.

While there are several BI dashboard options available, there are a few key reasons that businesses choose IBM Cognos Analytics for Dashboards over other common solutions.

Using IBM Cognos Analytics for Dashboards

IBM Cognos is a simple, easy to implement, and offers organizational agility as a centralized business dashboard that connects everyone with the insight, information, and analytics they need to make smarter, faster, secure, and more informed decisions. It combines the most comprehensive dashboard reporting with ease of use and high levels of customization and integration with existing data sources and analytics software.

Importing your data into Cognos couldn't be simpler with a built-in and intuitive migration tool that will guide you step-by-step through the process. With the incorporated support of multiple external data sources including databases, warehouses, and even social media sources you'll be certain to have the most accurate and up-to-date data.

By utilizing a business intelligence dashboard, you'll discover previously unnoticed trends and gain valuable insight into areas of your business that are typically more difficult to discern. Here are some great BI dashboard examples for reference.

Cognos will specifically benefit your company in these five BIG ways:

1. It leverages your data by analyzing information in real-time to reveal hidden insights to give you the confidence to make informed decisions with improved operational efficiency.

2. It offers powerful "what if" scenario tools that allow you to make more confident decisions with predictive analytics, allowing you to plan, forecast, and reach your organizational goals faster.

3. It transforms your business from reactive to a proactive. Being proactive allows you to identify corporate risks and new opportunities to get ahead and stay ahead!

4. With Cognos Dashboards you can easily design and create a custom-built dashboard to gain greater business intelligence insights.

5. Dynamic reporting - an easy to use drag and drop user interface for content authoring, relational or dimensional data, multiple data layouts and visualizations, various styles and formatting, distribution, and incorporation of multiple external data sources.

IBM Cognos Analytics is the ultimate dashboard tool to help your team become a data-driven powerhouse that can recognize and react to key insights in real-time. To learn more about IBM Cognos Analytics, Dashboards, or Custom Reports or if you would like to request a demo of our custom built dashboards or reports please contact us.

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