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June 11, 2014

The Need for Dashboards in Business Intelligence

by Colin Quinn

Performance and control are two of the most crucial aspects of company management. Today's business world forces managers to pay attention to every detail. Problems begin with collecting and analyzing data, the raw data can often be difficult for any management professional to understand.. - especially if everything else is on that one persons shoulders.

What to do then? Is it even possible to manage the data and  the whole enterprise? Or maybe separate departments should be created to lighten the load? The use of which software will help? Business Intelligence tools? Performance Management suites?

There are a lot of things that we could compare company management to.. Let's think about it as driving a car. While driving, we need to concentrate on every detail – speed, fuel, engine, wheels, and so on. There are plenty of other outside factors. Let's say the gas tank is located in the rear of the car, the engines under the hood, and wheels – of course – are on the car. Due to these elements' arrangement, to check all of them we would be constrained to walk a few times around the car, check the tires for air, and pop the hood to check the oil, etc. That would be far to difficult, tedious, and require too much time.

This is where the role of the dashboard gets introduced. Thanks to dashboards, all the needed functions to "drive" both a car and a business can be checked immediately, in one place, without a need for ever getting out of the drivers seat. That's a great facilitation for drivers, isn't it? Let's get back to business..

vehicle dashboard lightsinsight-dashboard

Having a large company with multiple departments, each department might be thousands miles from another. It's impossible to manage all of them, visiting each department personally would take a lot of time, during which all current data would become out-of-date. This makes managing all your key data even more difficult. Dashboards facilitate the need and allow all departments to cooperate to increase the whole company's general efficiency and performance without sacrificing time.

Still not convinced?

Check out the Demo: Kinetek's Business Intelligence Dashboard

Download the White Paper: Extending BI with Dashboards

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