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August 6, 2018

Top 10 Reasons to upgrade to Cognos Analytics (Cognos 11)

by Colin Quinn


IBM Cognos(11) Analytics was released at the end of 2015 and offered the same functionality available in Cognos 10, but with a new and improved user interface that is both modern in look and feel and easier to navigate. This new user interface has a greater focus on providing a better user experience while promoting self-service and still delivering the Business Intelligence capabilities we all know and love.

What's New?

  • User Interface - Slick, modern, user-focused, and easy to navigate
  • Data Modules - A new and simple way of creating data models to do ad-hoc reporting
  • Data Dashboards - Easy to build data dashboards from the data modules above

What Stays?

  • The reporting engine remains unchanged, with an addition of a new ‘Watson-like’ engine for dashboarding.
  • Report Studio and Workspace Advanced are combined and rebranded as ‘Author’ but still retain all the same functionalities.
  • To make the transition to Analytics easier, Analysis Studio, Query Studio and Workspace are still available in this version.
  • Active Reports and visualizations remain untouched.

Future Enhancements?

  • Ability to report off of multiple Framework Manager packages
  • User Interface profiles
  • Customization of templates
  • Built-in functionality to replace Analysis and Query Studios
  • Greater dashboard customization

Here are the top 10 reasons to upgrade to Cognos Analytics:

  1. Self-service
  2. A new improved user interface
  3. Easy to build Reports
  4. Easy to build Dashboards
  5. New web-based modeling capabilities
  6. Easier Implementation
  7. Cloud
  8. Analytics
  9. Data Files
  10. Free to try (No really, sign up for a FREE demo)

Final Thoughts

Cognos Analytics is moving in the right direction, simplifying the analytics development process by providing a single interface for data integration, modeling, reporting, and dashboard creation. An integrated solution eliminates the need to work across multiple studios and provides greater security and governance.

Questions about IBM Congos Analytics? Want A Deep-Dive Demo?

Let's talk our team of Cognos consultants are ready to answer any questions you may have and if you want a demo of the new features and functions that IBM Cognos Analytics offers, get in touch here.

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