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April 24, 2019

Top 3 Analytics Pain Points and the Answers

by Colin Quinn

Like kids complaining about how spring break is too short, data analysts always seem to be talking about pain points.

Unlike too short of a break from school, however, the kind of pain points analysts typically encounter can be a little more complicated.

In this post, we’ll be diving into the world of customer pain points – specifically, three pain points, what they are, and how you can position your company to overcome them with IBM Cognos Analytics.

Let's jump into the three most common pain point examples:

1. I need an intuitive/easy to use tool

    • I need a tool that doesn’t take weeks to learn how to use
    • I’m lacking the proper tools and training to do advanced data analysis
    • I’m forced to spend too much time sorting through and manipulating disparate data to produce an accurate view of the business

Solution - Cognos Analytics is built for ease of use

    • Offers an AI assistant that enables natural language Q&A and guided exploration of your data
    • Automatically recommends the most useful visualization for your selected data based on the data and your past behavior
    • Allows for collaboration via Slack so you can share an image or a link to the visualization, enabling users to interact directly with the data and explore on their own

2. I don’t have enough time to keep up with requests

    • I must convert large, complex data sets into results that we have confidence in and can quickly act on
    • I must perform data cleansing, combining data sets and doing other mundane tasks that limit my time for analysis
    • I need to respond much faster to the increasing volume of ad hoc requests while ensuring accurate results

Solution - Cognos Analytics is designed to make you faster

    • Simplifies data preparation: uses built-in intelligence to recommend data joins and ways to blend data from different sources
    • Provides quick access to required data sources; pervasive search makes it easy to find the relevant data you need using common terms
    • Enables rapid assembly of new content by reusing components from existing dashboards and reports

3. I'm struggling to find insights from my data

    • I need to weave stories out of what the data is saying, such as why numbers are up or down, why something is happening and what unexpected questions we should be asking
    • I need to understand which data sources to tap into and how and where to begin my exploration

Solution - Cognos Analytics helps you uncover the truth

    • Presents detailed information about your visualization through stats and insights delivered in natural language, uncovering trends and drivers you might not have thought to look for
    • Recommends related visualizations that guide you to further exploration
    • Shows hidden patterns in your data and describes the strength of the relationships between data points • Highlights the most powerful influencers on particular business outcomes

To find out more about purchasing IBM Cognos Analytics or IBM Planning Analytics express, contact us today.

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