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September 6, 2014

Top 3 Reasons to Upgrade to Costpoint 7 Today

by Colin Quinn

By now you have hopefully realized that Deltek no longer offers support for Costpoint 6 and GCS. Now is the time to upgrade to Costpoint 7 - take the already strong capabilities of Costpoint to a whole new level. As a Deltek Partner, having performed more implementations, conversions, and upgrades then any other business partner, Kinetek is poised to make your upgrade a success!

Our top 3 reasons you should upgrade to Costpoint 7 today!

1. Stay current on maintenance, new support for additional browsers, and new databases.

With every new software version release comes the retirement of support of its precursor (GCS), understand the impact of zero additional support or maintenance, and the headaches it can cause. Additionally, Costpoint 6 was built to run solely on IE.. yet, not everyone is a fan of Internet Explorer. There are many of us, myself included who prefer to use Firefox, Chrome, or Safari. Costpoint 7.0.1 is a real god send for us Apple users who no longer have to revert to Windows, since there hasn't been a version of IE available for Apple in over a decade. Lastly, if it has been a few years since you last upgraded your technical infrastructure, Costpoint 7.0.1 will bring you up to speed with the latest and greatest database technologies.

2. Mobile Compatibility for all your favorite devices..

Now with Costpoint 7.0.1, you can utilize your smartphone, tablet, and even your favorite android devices. Costpoint 7.0.1 is mobile, touch-enabled, and now allows you to scroll with the swipe of your finger. Now you can spend your days doing GovCon Financial Accounting anywhere and everywhere! Wahoo!

3. Now Integrate Costpoint seamlessly into MS Outlook..

Have you ever lost track of an important offline conversation regarding Costpoint? Well now CP 7.0.1 features Deltek's new "Message Board” feature, this new application allows you to track your key conversations regarding Costpoint 7 right in your Outlook inbox. And, if certain material is private in nature, you can now use the new privacy settings to restrict user access.

Our Costpoint upgrade services include, but are not limited to:

  •  Installing Costpoint v7.x for test/development environment
  •  Reviewing differences in Costpoint v7.x with your team, focusing on:
    • Navigation throughout the application
    • New security protocol
    • Changes to process servers
    • Integration to content MGMT. (Sharepoint), if applicable
  •  Providing a test plan for you to utilize
  •  Installing of Costpoint v7.x production environment
  •  Making major/minor changes to your Costpoint setup
  •  Implementing new Costpoint modules and functionality

In addition to upgrading Costpoint, we have been helping our clients by:

  •  Providing training courses on the latest versions
    • Costpoint v7.x training
    • Cognos BI training (Report Studio, Query Studio) 
  •  Upgrading & implementing Deltek Time & Expense
  •  Upgrading & implementing Cognos Business Intelligence & Costpoint Enterprise Reporting (CER)
  •  Enhancing Cognos BI with the Kinetek Performance Management solution
  •  Upgrading Cognos Enterprise Planner
  •  Implementing TM1 for budgeting & planning

Learn more about Costpoint 7 in the “What’s New in Costpoint 7” data sheet or Contact Us today, and let us help you unleash your system’s true potential, drive down costs, and help secure your most valuable assets, your enterprise data.

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