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August 25, 2014

Top 5 Reasons Why You Should Care About ERP

by Colin Quinn

Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) for too many companies, is just the business management software running in the background. However, for innovative, forward-thinking companies its at the core of your business; you have recognized ERP’s true potential to significantly transform your business processes, add exponential value, and improve your bottom line.

Top five reasons why you should care about your ERP software: 

1. Cost control from integrated database

A comprehensive, integrated database makes it easier for companies to conduct more efficient controls when necessary. A change in one area updates across all systems, which means the entire organization has real-time, up-to-date information.

2. Intelligent decision-making

An intelligent ERP solution provides transparency across all departments, which means consistency in all business operations. This clear view will reduce the time it takes to make smarter business decisions, respond to challenges, opportunities, and new market trends.

3. Increased cash flow

ERP systems deliver effective supply chain and inventory management, freeing up cash that was previously tied up in unsold inventory.

4. Customer loyalty

Stability in business operations made possible by ERP systems ultimately leads to a solid, loyal customer base. This allows for expansion and growth.

5. Scalability

The real-time information provided by ERP systems increases flexibility to scale business operations for high-demand periods and scale down in non-peak periods, making it easier to plan and budget to ensure the business is running as lean and mean as possible.

ERP systems sit at the core of your business, Deltek Costpoint Enterprise Reporting (CER) enabled by industry-leading business intelligence technology from IBM Cognos® is a web-based data mining application that unlocks the power of your Enterprise Reporting software investment. Become innovative and improve your bottom line, request a demo today!

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