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January 28, 2014

What's New in IBM Cognos 10.2

by Colin Quinn

Integrated Scorecards 

In the latest version of TM1 10.2 a new cube type been introduced into the mix… Scorecarding Cubes. This new features allows end users to display business’ strategies and relationship of key performance indicators (KPIs).

The scorecard enables broader range of users in the business to gain better insight of strategies, and how it can be translated into  planning and forecasting.  The TM1 scorecard cube type provides users with graphical representations of the performance and linkages of KPIs.

You can create scorecard solutions that contain interactive impact diagrams, strategy maps, and custom diagrams that monitor your key performance indicators (KPIs). The underlying data is stored in Cognos TM1 and can be published to users in IBM Cognos Insight, IBM Cognos TM1 Web, and IBM Cognos Workspace as interactive dashboards. A metrics dimension and metrics indicator dimension form a metrics cube. The metrics cube is used to store and manage the data used to generate impact diagrams, strategy maps, and scorecarding diagrams.

Scorecarding with Cognos TM1 integrates scorecarding and strategy management capabilities into your business to provide better integration of Performance Management with Business Intelligence.

Mobile TM1

IBM Cognos Mobile has several new enhancements to improve end user experience...

Analytics that everyone can use to answer key business questions:
User interface enhancements with the new IBM Cognos Mobile interface, you can navigate BI content in a more visual and hands-on way.

Automatic configuration:
iPad users can tap on a web location to automatically configure the IBM Cognos Mobile application to connect to the BI server. This greatly simplifies configuration by eliminating the need to type long URLs and choose configuration settings.

Faster mobile reports:
Multi-page reports that are manually executed are retrieved and presented one page at a time, rather than all at once. This reduces peak server loads and also enables IBM Cognos Mobile users to open and interact with large reports quickly, without waiting for the entire report to download.

High-fidelity reports
IBM Cognos Mobile has enhanced its support for HTML reports on mobile devices.

The enhancements include:

  • Rendering of additional fonts
  • Page layout
  • Prompt controls
  • Drill-through actions

Dashboard Capabilities

With IBM business intelligence dashboard capabilities, you can...

  • Analyze information and share the results to follow a train of thought or generate a unique perspective.
  • Assemble and format all kinds of content by dragging-and-dropping, filtering, modifying and arranging layout, adding colors and text and personalizing widgets. Change display, add calculations, prompt, drill up and down and sort data with more advanced dashboard capabilities.
  • Distribute dashboards and integrate them with IBM Connections for improved collaboration and alignment.
  • Access and interact with dashboards regardless of language or location with mobile applications.
  • Schedule, burst and distribute professionally authored dashboards to a broad audience of consumers including those who need disconnected access to their dashboards.

Check out this case study on the benefits one company gained from upgrading to IBM Cognos v10:

IBM Cognos 10 Case Study - Smith & Associates

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