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[UPDATED] IMPORTANT: Deltek Costpoint T&E Data Discrepancy Cleanup Toolkit Now Available

December 17, 2021

[UPDATED] IMPORTANT: Deltek Costpoint T&E Data Discrepancy Cleanup Toolkit Now Available

As part of Deltek’s continued commitment to deliver real-time data integration between Time & Expense and Costpoint, Time & Expense enhancements in the coming 8.1 release will now look directly at the appropriate Costpoint domain for key data elements. These changes will require you to clean up any data discrepancies prior to upgrading to 8.1 to ensure a smooth transition.

Based on how your organization currently uses Time & Expense and Costpoint, there may be several data discrepancies between T&E and the source records in the appropriate Costpoint domains that need to be addressed prior to upgrading to 8.0/8.1.

These data discrepancies include: 

  1. Major Discrepancy: Records that exist only in the T&E data schema (Not in Costpoint)
  2. Minor Discrepancy: Records that have different values between T&E and Costpoint (Active status, Description, etc.)

In preparation for the 8.1 rollouts, we have released a ‘Data Cleanup’ service as part of our existing Data Conversion & Migration Services. This Cleanup service will identify all data discrepancies that exist between T&E and Costpoint making it easy to fix the minor discrepancies. Once the data has been cleaned up, we validate the data to ensure that no records are identified with major discrepancies. The Data Cleanup will need to be done in all your system databases prior to upgrading.


We have learned that the T&E Data Cleanup Toolkit released in Costpoint versions 8.0.14, 8.0.15, and 8.1.1 failed to make updates to both the PROJ and PROJ_EDIT Tables for project records that were changed using the utility. 

If you used the T&E Data Cleanup Toolkit in the above versions of Costpoint to cleanup project record data discrepancies for any of the following fields (Project Abbreviation, Active Flag, Allow Charge Flag), you will need to run the Synchronize Project Master Data and Project Edit Data Utility found in the Projects domain.

Running those utilities will synchronize the tables for all project records. For additional assistance with the Time and Expense Cleanup Toolkit utility, please can contact our T&E SME - David Delaney.

The Bottom Line:

For users running Costpoint 7.1, we offer system upgrade assistance and data cleanup services for those looking to transition to 8.0/8.1 and/or for those that want to ensure there are no data discrepancies within their existing database.

For questions regarding how to enter records into Costpoint that only exist in Time and Expense please see Deltek support KB Article #106020 - If you have further questions, please submit a general service request with our Kinetek team using the button below.


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