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Kinetek solutions are purpose-built to successfully manage performance and meet the unique and technical requirements of your business.

Whether you’re in aerospace and defense, government contracting, professional services, or a commercial business, your environment is always evolving. Business is always in a constant state of change to keep up with new technical requirements, regulations, and project demands. That is why you need a proven and trusted partner that understands your dynamic business.

  • Implementation

    Unparalleled Costpoint implementation and design services.

    With over 100 years of combined ERP experience with Deltek Costpoint, our team can configure your system to maximize your standard business operations and meet your company’s most complex contract requirements.
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      Project Accounting, Billing, & Invoicing

      We specialize in the implementation and configuration of the project-based ERP systems, like Deltek Costpoint. Our breadth of in-depth knowledge of project accounting, billing and invoicing combined with our thorough knowledge of Costpoint table structures and modules make us the go-to implementation partner - Let us maximize your standard business operations and meet your company’s most complex contract requirements.

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      Manufacturing & Material Management

      With over 30+ years of experience in manufacturing and materials management, Kinetek is recognized as the leader in providing Deltek Costpoint project manufacturing solutions for government contractors - Streamline and empower your business from sales order to customer delivery!

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    • Material Management.svg

      Time & Expense

      Kinetek has extensive experience in implementing, configuring, and customizing Deltek Time & Expense to seamlessly integrate with Deltek Costpoint to address the unique time collection, payroll, and expense needs of your business - Gain the ability to move approved timesheets and expense reports directly into your accounting system.

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    • Time Expense.svg

      Payroll & Human Resources

      Expand the use of your existing Deltek Costpoint system to gain new functionality and reduce manual efforts outside of your financial system in modules such as payroll and human resources - Maximize the use of your financial system, retain a sole system of record, crucial for audit trails and flexible reporting entity-wide.

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    • Evms.svg

      Earned Value Management

      Offering a complete range of EVM consulting services for Deltek Cobra including system gap analysis, system design, implementation, support, and compliance review preparation - Let us help you understand what it takes to establish and run your EVMS system so that both you and your customer see the benefits of effective decision making and critical component risk management.

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    • Financial Planning.svg

      Financial Planning & Analysis

      Our FP&A solution is designed to seamlessly integrate with your Deltek systems, the market standard for Government Contractors - Automatically leverage your key data from Costpoint, including actual costs, revenue, indirect rate applications, employee attributes, project attributes, and more...

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    • System Redesign.svg

      Business Intelligence & Analytics

      Become an expert at getting critical data out of your accounting system with business intelligence and custom analytical reports written exclusively for your organization. Discover the benefits of proactive data modeling, improved efficiency, time management, while lessening dependence on spreadsheets - We offer our own library of reports and dashboards written exclusively for Deltek Costpoint and Government Contractors to gain the most from their system with zero downtime.

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    • Kinetek Data Warehouse Centered.png

      Data Warehouse

      Organizations with a data warehousing solution can plan and move well ahead of their less data-driven competitors – from product development, marketing, pricing, production processes, and historical analysis, to forecasting, employee organization, and enhanced customer satisfaction. We provide an action plan to implement and connect your disparate data sources creating a singular unified data warehouse for better analysis, improved decision making, and advanced reporting.

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  • Data Conversion

    Ensure data integrity and prevent operations from grinding to a halt due to an unexpected technical glitch.

    Whether converting from Deltek GCS, Quickbooks, or another legacy ERP solution, our data conversion team can assist in getting your data converted and reconciled. Avoid corrupt data, minimize risk, and maximize the chances for a smooth, painless process.
    • Data Conversion.svg

      Data Conversion & Migration

      Extensive experience in data conversion and migration for migrating legacy systems into Costpoint, we also specialize in restructuring and modifying existing data due to a merger or acquisition - Take the complexity involved in moving data out of the migration equation.

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    • Data Consolidation.svg

      Data Consolidation

      Connect your disparate data sources into one clean and clear database. Cut out the time needed to maintain & support multiple databases as well as the added burden of external transactions and financial statements.

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  • Process Improvement

    Connect and improve processes for increased accuracy, transparency and audit readiness.

    Kinetek specializes in helping government contractors personalize Deltek Costpoint to optimize existing business processes and functionality through proven/trusted process improvements and system enhancements.
    • Costpoint Workflow Improvement.png

      Workflow & Approvals

      We can apply Costpoint Workflow logic to various business processes that impact the accounting, contracts, purchasing, or human resources organizations, including setting up contracts, hiring employees, approving purchase orders, and month-end close procedures creating visibility into approvals, trends, and productivity.

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    • Costpoint Extensibility.png

      Extensibility & Screen Enhancements

      Our Costpoint Extensibility enhancements provide customers with the capability to perform many tailored enhancements for Deltek Costpoint applications that were only previously possible through customizing production codes or embedding license trigger codes in earlier versions of Costpoint.

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  • Systems Review

    Review of your existing database including complete redesign and redeployment of core Costpoint functionalities.

    Business processes evolve, companies change, and employee turnover occurs while enhancements have been made that hinder the functionality and performance of your Costpoint system.
    • Systems Health Check.svg

      Systems Health Check

      Over time, people begin to accept the “status quo” even if the processes are less than efficient. (workarounds, outdated processes, mergers & acquisitions, etc.) Our Costpoint “Health Check” brings in an experienced professional to examine your database, talk to your users, and provide recommendations for maximizing the potential of your system.

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    • Reorganizations.svg


      New system implementations and conversions for your existing Deltek Costpoint database. We have performed database reorganizations to help our clients adapt to changes in their business environments as a result of growth; mergers and acquisitions.

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    • Infrastructure Design.svg

      Infrastructure Design

      Our staff has been working with organizations to tweak, augment, and flat-out redesign their Costpoint infrastructure systems for years. We can get your organization where you need to be in a fraction of the time (and cost) it would take to install a new solution.

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    • Project Management Icon Services.png

      Project Management

      Ready to start your next project? Whether you need project management, process improvement, or change management services our team is ready to raise the level of your project performance and elevate your team toward meeting its project goals.

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Solutions designed to enhance the value and increase the performance of your software investment.

Our solutions built upon Deltek and IBM software offerings not only provide insight but also helps you run more efficiently, remain competitive, unmask opportunities, and win more contracts.

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