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Data Conversion

Data Consolidation

Data consolidation refers to the collection and integration of data from multiple sources into a single destination. Our process goes much deeper than simply combining different data sources, or consolidating them, into a single data warehouse.

Our data consolidation team will collaboratively work with your leadership team to define the project and requirements, communicate best practices, reconcile and validate your data, and train your team. We work harder to reduce risks and costs to ensure your consolidation is done right, the first time.

Our Data Consolidation Process

Your data can come from a broad range of sources, our consolidation process allows your organization to more easily present data, while also facilitating effective data analysis. Our data consolidation techniques reduce inefficiencies, like data duplication, and decrease costs related to reliance on multiple databases and multiple data management professionals. Contact our data consolidation team to learn more.


10 Benefits of Database Consolidation

1. Cost Savings

2. Lessen IT Support 

3. Improved Security 

4. Increased Control

5. Improved Agility

6. Decreased Maintenance

7. Streamline Compliance

8. Decrease Risk, Disaster Recovery, and Internal Audit Effort

9. Enhanced User Experience and Simplified Training Requirements

10. Streamline Reporting Using a Single Source

The Bottom Line

Why are you still supporting multiple databases? Cut out the time, maintenance, and support costs with our Data Consolidation services for Deltek Costpoint. Contact us below, and let's discuss how we can help you integrate and consolidate your disparate data sources into a single source of the truth. 


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