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• • Arlington, Virginia - United States

Customer background: 
Since its founding in 1955, PAE has offered enduring support for the essential missions of a wide range of customers, including the U.S. government, its allied partners and international organizations. To support their customer’s complex missions around the world, PAE’s current portfolio includes capabilities in aviation, capacity building and stabilization, critical infrastructure, expeditionary logistics, identity and information management solutions, integrated security solutions, test and training ranges, and training solutions; and enterprise-level technology products and software.


Project time: Two Weeks!
Project end: Delivered On-time


PAE needed to leverage their Costpoint data to construct key performance indicators for quick and informative decision making.

PAE reached out to Kinetek for our in-depth knowledge of Costpoint and ability to use Costpoint data to create meaningful analytics.

In our initial conversations with PAE, we discussed the need for very specific reporting objects at their database level, using views primarily, along with table/scalar pure functions, to add that adaptable level of scalability to their environment. 

PAE was very clear in their desire to have a reporting data mart that could easily have changes made to it, without the need for consultative support.


  • Data mart had to be accessible and intelligible for ongoing corporate reporting needs
  • Create Framework model to leverage the data mart
  • Create a set of dashboards to bring data from disparate systems together and showcase key financial metric data
  • Allow quick and easy filtering of the data for different audiences in the company
  • Demonstrate the best way to extract the voluminous amount of data residing in Costpoint, transform it into something meaningful, and then relay that in a presentable way to end users


  • Consolidate data into a focused data mart for performance and scalable reporting
  • Create dashboards in Cognos Analytics that reference the data mart tables
  • Extend environment with custom navigation tree and Welcome page
  • Customize environment theme to match PAE branding


  • PAE leveraged existing software to create valuable dashboards
  • All data now housed in one centralized database
  • Existing PAE assets able to build upon created items to create and develop new self-service dashboards, without consultative assistance
  • Create more focused dashboards for specific internal groups


Kinetek Data Visualization Dashboards
Cognos Analytics (Business Intelligence)
Cognos Planning Analytics (TM1)
Deltek Costpoint 
Oracle Database



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