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May 1, 2023

End of Life Software: Why Ignoring Deltek Costpoint 8.0 EOL Timelines is a Bad Idea

by Colin Quinn

Friendly reminder - Deltek Costpoint 8.0 will be entering sustaining support beginning on July 1, 2023!

As technology continues to advance, software becomes outdated and eventually reaches its End of Life (EOL) stage. This means that the software vendor will no longer provide updates, patches, or support for the product. For Deltek Costpoint users, it is important to pay attention to the EOL timelines to avoid potential risks, and dangers, and to ensure business continuity.

Costpoint 8.1 is the latest version of Deltek's flagship enterprise resource planning (ERP) system designed for government contractors. It offers enhanced capabilities such as modernized user interfaces, improved data analytics, and increased security features. However, Costpoint 8.0 has an EOL timeline (7-1-23), and ignoring it can result in several risks and dangers for your business.

3 Most Common Risks of Ignoring End-of-Life Software Timelines

1. Access: The first risk of ignoring the Costpoint 8.0 EOL timeline is the lack of access to new features and functionalities. Deltek continuously improves its software and deploys new features and functionalities to the latest version. If you ignore the EOL timeline and continue to use an outdated version, you will miss out on the new capabilities, which can limit your business operations.

2. Security: The second risk of ignoring the Costpoint 8.0 EOL timeline is the potential for security vulnerabilities. After the EOL date, Deltek will no longer provide security patches, which means that your system will become vulnerable to cyber-attacks. This can put sensitive data at risk and cause serious financial and reputational damage.

3. Support: The third risk of ignoring the Costpoint 8.0 EOL timeline is the lack of technical support. After the EOL date, Deltek will no longer provide technical support, which means that you will not be able to receive assistance in case of issues or malfunctions. This can lead to downtime, productivity losses, and increased costs to fix the problems.

To avoid these risks, it is essential to upgrade to the latest version of Costpoint before the EOL timeline. The upgrade process may require significant resources, including time and money, but it is necessary to ensure business continuity and mitigate potential risks.

In conclusion, ignoring the Costpoint 8.0 EOL timelines can result in several risks for your business, including the lack of access to new features and functionalities, potential security vulnerabilities, and the lack of technical support. It is essential to upgrade to the latest version of Costpoint to ensure business continuity and mitigate potential risks. Contact your Deltek partner or Kinetek for assistance in planning and executing the upgrade process.

On average, about one in every four or 25% of organizations do not plan to migrate from their current ERP system until after its EOL date. Do you know what dangers are involved if your organization decides to hold out? Does it really matter if you continue running unsupported software that is beyond its end-of-life date?!

Continue reading as we cover the 4 most common dangers you need to be aware of if you decide to continue running software, like Costpoint 8.0 after its EOL date.

4 Most Common Dangers of Ignoring End-of-Life Software Timelines

1. Software incompatibility: New applications like Costpoint 8.1 are optimized for the most recent versions of other software like Cognos 11.2.4. That means when using EOL systems, you can’t upgrade to the latest and greatest, so you’ll have to hold onto legacy applications (which are likely also EOL or soon-to-be).

2. Compliance issues: Government contractors who operate in regulated industries like aerospace and defense deal with lots of sensitive government and customer data. Entrusting your critical information to a decade-old system or an out-of-date unsecured application? STOP NOW! In addition to security lapses, it could result in drawn-out audits, hefty fines, and even possible company shutdowns.

3. Higher operating costs: The costs of maintaining and bug-fixing any post-EOL software can be steep. The expense of paying outside consultants to patch an EOL operating system like Costpoint 8.0 can greatly exceed the price of simply replacing it with the current system (Costpoint 8.1). What about the high cost of a mission-critical application failing? These are all things to consider.

4. Poor performance and reliability: Chances are, if you’re still running legacy applications or old versions of Costpoint, then you’ve got some aging servers and workstations hanging around the office too… adding to your risk because these are likely out-of-warranty devices that are prone to breaking down. Consider that downtime alone could be more costly than an overdue upgrade.

Simply put, there’s no bulletproof way to run EOL software. The potential dangers typically outweigh the rewards, even if you’re budget is constrained. Compatibility and compliance are all big problems for Government Contractors contending with EOL software. So, what’s the solution? 

Press Release – Upgrade to Deltek Costpoint 8.1 to Enhance Business Operations and Improve Performance

Upgrading to Costpoint 8.1!

Kinetek can help with your upgrade plans including:
•    Implementation, technical and system upgrades
•    Data conversion and reconciliation services 
•    Review current Costpoint usage and health 
•    Best practices for system setup and new features
•    SME training for system administrators and end-users
•    Provide testing, guidance, and support
•    Go-live and post-upgrade support

Don't risk going unsupported; customers should plan to upgrade to Costpoint 8.1 before the July 1, 2023, Costpoint 8.0 EOL date, to receive critical fixes and security updates. For more information on how we can help transition your company from an end-of-life solution to a current supported and secure product contact us.


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