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September 23, 2021

Everything That's New in Cognos 11.2

by Colin Quinn

The latest version of Cognos 11.2 has been launched, and a lot has changed. The UI has been redesigned and it is the most obvious and biggest difference. Other notable changes include improved navigation, mobile app access, a significant enhancement to dashboard performance, and new data visualizations.

There’s a lot to discover, so we’ll just go over a few of our favorites. To learn more about "What's New in Cognos 11.2" watch the demo below, and head over to our IBM Cognos Analytics page to see the latest offerings.

Top 5 New Features in IBM Cognos Analytics 11.2:

1. New UI, home screen, and customizations

2. Improved content navigation and search functions

3. Dashboard performance improvements (59% faster!)

4. AI-assisted data exploration and modules

5. New automated statistical forecasting capabilities

1. New UI

The most striking and obvious innovation is the new design, which is more clearly oriented to IBM’s Carbon X design that was showcased in Version 11.1.7. In addition, the portal has been thoroughly revised, and IBM has also refocused on the core virtues of Cognos 8/10.

2. Improved content navigation

The old navigation panel has been eighty-sixed as has the navigation panel that used to slide out for 'My Content' and 'Team Content.' Instead, there is an all-new and visually appealing stacked or “hamburger” designed menu.

Dive into the ‘quarter-pounder’ and you’ll find the folders and tools are neatly stacked and arranged in a more intuitive and user-friendly way.

3. Dashboard performance

Dashboard performance receives a huge speed increase! Another notable improvement is enhanced dashboard performance. Sample benchmarks are showing performance enhancements up to 59% faster. A dashboard that took 60 seconds to fully load in 11.1.7 can now be loaded in 10 seconds or less.

4. AI Data Exploration

Two new visualizations - Each new Cognos release includes new dashboards. With 11.2 there is the new 'Box plot' and 'Radar visualizations.' If you need custom dashboards built for your business contact our team today.

Built-in AI assistance. The new AI assistance is baked into dashboards in 11.2. You can now ask Watson questions in real-time, gain additional insights, or even have Watson build a dashboard for you!

5. Statistical Forecasting

Finally, you can now leverage OLAP cubes for AI and forecasting directly in Cognos. If you are looking for even more robust planning, check out our plug-and-play solution – Kinetek Performance Planning (KPP) built on IBM Cognos Planning Analytics with Watson. 

*Bonus – Mobile App

The long-promised and long-awaited new mobile app is finally available in 11.2 for both Android and iOS devices. In the mobile app, you can access ready-made data visualizations and dashboards with explorations being collected as “pins” and arranged in “boards.” Security is also covered via SSL Authentication and with a unique QR code and/or security token.

The Bottom Line

We specialize in leveraging Cognos Analytics to help users connect reporting to their data to uncover hidden insights for better business decision-making. We offer a full library of pre-built reports built specifically for Government Contractors. Get started drawing insights from your relevant data and give IT back the ability to focus on value-add activities. Don’t just take our word for it: Start a free trial today and make your data work for you.

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