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June 24, 2024

Pt.1 Deltek Costpoint 8.1 End of Life – What You Need to Know

by Colin Quinn

Costpoint 8.1 End of Life Announcement

As technology evolves, so do the software solutions that drive our businesses. Deltek Costpoint 8.1, a robust and reliable ERP solution, has been a cornerstone for many organizations. However, as of April 2026, Costpoint 8.1 will enter sustained support, signaling its End of Life (EOL) phase. Here’s what you need to know to prepare for this transition.

Understanding End of Life (EOL)

The End-of-Life phase is when a software version is no longer actively developed or fully supported by the vendor. In the case of Costpoint 8.1, this means:

1. Limited Support: While Deltek will continue to offer some support, it will be limited to critical bug fixes and security patches. No new features or enhancements will be introduced.

2. Increased Risks: Operating on an EOL software version can pose risks, including security vulnerabilities and compatibility issues with other systems or newer technologies.

3. Operational Challenges: As the software ages, it may become less efficient and more prone to issues, impacting productivity and increasing maintenance costs.

Key Dates

• June 2024: Costpoint 8.1 enters Maintenance Support.

• April 2026: Costpoint 8.1 moves to Sustaining Support, with no new features or enhancements.

Preparing for the Transition

1. Assessment: Evaluate your current usage of Costpoint 8.1. Identify critical processes and dependencies to understand the impact of the EOL transition.

2. Security: Ensure your system is up to date with the latest security patches before the EOL date to minimize vulnerabilities.

3. Backup Plans: Have a contingency plan for critical operations in case of system failures or issues post-EOL.

Looking Ahead

While the EOL of Costpoint 8.1 may seem daunting, it also presents an opportunity to upgrade to a more advanced and supported version, such as Costpoint 8.2. Upgrading will not only enhance your system’s functionality but also ensure you stay ahead in terms of security and compliance.

Stay tuned for our next article on planning your upgrade to Costpoint 8.2, and take the first step towards a smoother, more secure, and more efficient ERP solution.


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