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February 15, 2022

Contractors Guide - Which Costpoint is RIGHT for me?

by Colin Quinn

As a Government Contractor, you know Deltek Costpoint offers unparalleled project management, accounting, reporting, and compliance for project-driven organizations. What you might not know is that there is more than one option available to you... Continue reading our comprehensive guide below where we dive into details, benefits, and differences between Costpoint for Enterprise and Costpoint for Small Business and help you choose the RIGHT solution for your business.

Did you know Deltek Costpoint offers two different options?!

Costpoint for Small Business and Costpoint for Enterprise

Costpoint for Enterprise: 51+ Users
Companies using Costpoint, the industry-leading ERP software solution, can manage projects, improve efficiency and profits, and meet strict DCAA requirements. Unlike other solutions, Costpoint was designed to address the unique needs of project-based businesses. With project accounting at the heart, everything from contracts to people can be managed in a single, integrated digital platform. This comprehensive ERP solution can be deployed in multiple locations—available to be deployed on-prem or in the cloud—in a matter of months.
Manage project & finances
Gain visibility into project and financial processes to better align resources, monitor costs, and invoice more quickly.

Increase productivity
Integrate your solution and centralize your people, projects, and finances to increase productivity and enhance communication.

Manage profitability & costs
Track and control costs more efficiently while supporting and operating the back office with less resource spend.



Learn more about Costpoint for Government Contractors. 


 Costpoint for Small Business: 50< Users
A comprehensive project and accounting management solution for small government contractors with 50 employees or less. Deltek Costpoint, available through Deltek Now, offers an exclusive program for small & emerging government contractors. This cloud-based solution provides all the out-of-the-box capabilities that your small business needs to grow. Streamline your projects, people, and financial management for greater visibility into project-specific and company performance to make better-informed decisions in real-time.
Manage profitability & costs
Increase profitability and control costs by invoicing automatically, increasing efficiency, and reducing delays.

Improve productivity
Identify problems and budget overruns before they occur and enhance communication across the project team.

Easy project set up
Easily manage and transition projects to Costpoint through a pre-configured project setup.



Learn more about Costpoint for Small Businesses.


Contractors Guide - What are the main differences between Costpoint Enterprise and Costpoint for Small Business?

Modules, Users, Cost, and Deployment

There are four main differences between Costpoint for Enterprise and Costpoint for Small Business:

•      Modules
•      Users
•      Cost
•      Deployment

Costpoint for Enterprise and Costpoint for Small Business both contain the key functionality to help your project-based business remain competitive and compliant, but they do each come with different existing functionality and modules:
Costpoint Enterprise is a much more robust offering built for medium to large contractors and features the following nine modules:

Business Intelligence
Contract Management
Human Capital Management
Project Accounting
Project Management
Subcontractor Management
Time & Expense

Our consulting team can help you integrate Costpoint with tools you already use to configure a streamlined solution designed to fit your unique business needs. We can enhance your project and accounting management solution by integrating your preferred software tools via Costpoint’s Web Services and Extensibility Design Studio. Learn more about our Deltek Customization capabilities below.

Costpoint for Small Business is built specifically for smaller government contractors with growth in mind. It features the following four modules:

Time & Expense
Project Accounting
Business Intelligence
Content Management Integration

You can rely on this comprehensive project and accounting management solution to power your project success now and in the future. Deltek also offers additional custom configurations that integrate seamlessly to meet your unique business needs.
Costpoint for Enterprise is designed for organizations with 51+ users. It is best for mid to large contractors with multiple sites, contracts, and projects. Costpoint for Small Business is designed for just that, small businesses with 50 or fewer users.
The cost between Costpoint for Enterprise and Costpoint for Small Businesses is significant. Costpoint is sold based on user count licenses. As discussed above companies with larger user counts will have higher costs. There are additional costs to consider depending on your deployment type (keep in mind your contract can have unique deployment requirements) Contact our sales team to discuss discount partner pricing for both Costpoint Enterprise and Small Business.

Contact Team

Costpoint for Enterprise can be deployed in multiple locations and is available to be deployed on-prem or in the cloud—in a matter of months. Costpoint for Small Businesses is only available to be deployed on a single site and to be deployed in a cloud environment – in a matter of weeks. Learn more about our implementation services below.

The Bottom Line:
Sadly, there is no perfect fit or best solution. We hope you'll use this post as a guide to aid you in making a decision on which Costpoint solution is RIGHT for your project-driven government contracting business. Continue reading to learn more about the go-to ERP software solution for Government Contractors and our consulting services for both Costpoint Enterprise and Small Business below.
Implementation Services
We offer unparalleled Costpoint implementation and design services.
With over 100 years of combined ERP experience with Deltek Costpoint, our team can configure your system to maximize your standard business operations and meet your company’s most complex contract requirements.
• Project Accounting, Billing, & Invoicing
• Manufacturing & Material Management
• Time & Expense
• Payroll & Human Resources
• Earned Value Management
• Financial Planning & Analysis
• Business Intelligence & Analytics
• Data Warehousing & Storage
Consulting Services
Our consulting services are designed to enhance the value and increase the performance of your software investment.
• Technical consulting including installation, upgrades, and modifications
• Data conversion, migration, and consolidation services
• Business process optimization & health check assessments
• Database reorganizations
• Re-engineering services - tweak, augment, and flat-out redesign
• Custom learning development and training
• Full staff augmentation 
• Cost pool restructuring
• Revenue & billing process improvement
• DCAA audit preparation
• Incurred cost submission (ICS) guidance 
• Government contracting accounting assistance
Costpoint extensibility, workflows, and data connectivity
• Project management and process improvement
Kinetek Solutions 
Our solutions built upon Deltek, and IBM software offerings not only provide insight but also help you run more efficiently, remain competitive, unmask opportunities, and win more contracts.
• Kinetek Performance Management – KPM
• Kinetek Performance Planning – KPP
• Kinetek Data Visualization Dashboards – KVIZ 
• Kinetek Audit Tables – KAT 
• Kinetek Rate Management – KRM 
• Kinetek Manufacturing Performance Analysis – KMPA 
• Kinetek Human Capital Management – KHCM 

Schedule a meeting today with our Costpoint consulting team

Let us find the best way to help you embrace digital transformation, move to the cloud, protect your data, and remain compliant whilst embracing the latest Costpoint offerings.


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